After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in 2000, Ruby moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of lounging around by the beach and sipping martinis. Upon quickly realizing she didn't like the beach and couldn't handle her liquor, she decided to find a job. Ruby is currently working as a Marketing Manager for EMI Music Marketing in Hollywood.



Robert moved to California for snowboarding and surfing, and while he gets out to the mountains quite a bit, Ruby won't let him surf until after the wedding. Otherwise, he'll look like a shadow in all of the pictures. During the day, he is a strategy consultant for Deloitte Consulting, and by night he dreams up ideas for starting his own company so that he can afford a very very nice car.

(According to Ruby)

The first time I noticed Robert was back in 8th grade, during recess at Chinese School. I still remember his meticulously styled permed hair, his red polo shirt and khaki pants…he reminded me of a Target employee. I thought to myself “what a cutie!” Unfortunately I was dating someone else at the time and had to leave that fruit on the tree unplucked.

Forward to the summer of 1998, we both happened to be in Houston, and since we had mutual friends, we started to hang out. It was during that time, I found myself drawn to his infectious laugh (high pitched, like a hyena’s), his ability to tell funny jokes (and eventual overkill of them) and most of all, I adored his self-confidence and ego (case in point: one of the very first “gifts” he gave me was an 8”x11” frame filled with 31 pictures of himself, one for every day of the month, and a sad little picture of me in the middle). All these things led me to realize that this was a special guy.

Amazingly, to this very day, 6 years later, I still feel the same way. I truly believe love is blind (deaf and mute).

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