(As told by Robert and Ruby)

We were at an Erasure concert in Downtown Los Angeles, and I was suddenly feeling that this was the night I should propose to Ruby. I had been thinking about asking her to marry me for a while (yeah – apparently for 3 years…), but I couldn’t think of a creative way to do it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the ring with me. As the night went on, I felt a deeper and deeper sense of urgency that I was missing my “moment”. So in a burst of spontaneity and a bit of impulse I told Ruby that I would be “right back” (I remember the man looked a bit constipated when he left).

I’m sure she thought I was headed to the restroom, but in reality I was headed home. My first obstacle came in the shape of a 6’4”, 300 pound ZZ-Top looking ex-Marine bouncer, who uttered these words, “Sorry bud, no re-entry.” I pleaded my case, and lucky for me he was sympathetic to my cause and agreed to let me back if I showed him the ring.

A roundtrip from Downtown LA to South Pasadena, should take just under an hour. I made it in just over 18 minutes (or three songs). Don’t ask how fast I was driving. Anyway, I quickly arrived back at the club and I showed the bouncer the ring, which only mildly impressed him (HAHAHA…), and he let me back in.

Of course I was gone longer than usual, and when I returned Ruby gave me this look like, “where the hell were you?” She then proceeded to answer her own question with, “number two?” The moment was framing up ever so nicely. In any case, I think Ruby thought it was strange that I was gone for so long, but didn’t really mind since she was having so much fun (and it was standing room only so I didn’t want to lose my spot).  



Ruby (with new bling) and Robert at the Erasure concert in Los Angeles.

Thus, with the lead singer Andy Bell in a red leather thong and corset (so romantic isn’t it?), on stage singing “Rock Me Gently”, and without much of a planned delivery (please, he just stuck the ring on my finger), I asked Ruby to marry me. She mostly stared at me with disbelief (for several minutes), but then of course she agreed (of course I did – he asked me in public, very sneaky…).

So on St. Patrick’s Day 2003 (unbeknownst to us until later), Ruby and I were engaged. 

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