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I heard Houston is pretty hot in the summertime. How hot is it going to be?

It's really not as bad as you might think and your chances of heat stroke are actually quite minimal. In any case, please be aware that if you experience headache, dizziness, disorientation, a rapid heart beat, or hallucinations, you may be at risk for heat stroke. Or you could be the groom.

What do I do with this little piece of the invite that broke off?
That's the RSVP card. As soon as you know whether or not you'll be attending fill out the front (legibly, please) and send it back to us so we know how much alcohol to buy (hehe). If you have time, we'd love to get a message or illustration from you on the back. Keep it clean.
Who made this website? It's awesome!
Ruby and I were lucky that David enrolled in a computer class at Berkeley this semester. If he hadn't been pushing us, might never have been finished. We also want to thank his class partner, Morgan Kyauk for his hard work and dedication to our wedding. Send them a message ( and let them know what you think!
What do we do about our travel arragements?
We have negotiated rates for air, car, and hotel that are posted on the website under Travel. You should book early to ensure the best rates and availability, but then again, you probably already knew that.